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Lea CFD Associates Ltd.
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Lea CFD Associates Ltd.  


Expert witness evidence on CFD and fluid flow modelling

We can provide expert witness evidence for cases involving CFD or other fluid flow modelling approaches, including expert reports and oral evidence in court.

Independent assessment of third-party CFD and fluid flow modelling

Chris has extensive experience of evaluating third-party CFD simulations and other fluid flow modelling applications, providing authoritative independent assessments. We specialise in major hazards and industrial safety applications, including fire or explosion modelling, and gas dispersion.

Expert advice and guidance on CFD

If you are new to CFD, then Lea CFD Associates Ltd. provides support to complement that from CFD vendors by assessing its capabilities and limitations for your applications, and providing guidance on developing or expanding your in-house capability.

Provision of fluid flow modelling solutions

We provide fluid flow modelling solutions, where possible using cost-effective alternatives to CFD

Project management

CFD is a specialised field. Lea CFD Associates Ltd. can manage the technical aspects of your CFD projects.



Lea CFD Associates Limited are a private company No. 5201608, registered in England and Wales incorporated under the Companies Act 1985

Registered Office: Bullock Woodburn, Norfolk House, Hardwick Square North, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6PU



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